Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Advantage of Bob Hair??

Here is a flash bulb moment for you all, it definitely was one for me-- According to one of my friends, and I quote (this should be read with a Samantha Jones type intonation):
" There is long hair power and then there is short hair power.  There is no such thing as bob hair power.  Other women are nicer to you now because you have your weave out, and you now have this cute not going to steal anyone's husband bob. You are no longer deemed threatening or overtly sexual." 
Case in point, same woman...
Pic 1: I admire such a woman from a distance.  Her stare alone is enough for me to give her 50 feet
Pic 2: Awwwww, she just looks so cute. I feel she and I can go grab a coffee and yap about our natural hair regimen...



  1. i have been playing around with the idea of cutting my hair short for a while now and am sure i will look great #LOL
    i love your blog though,,check out mine sometime

    1. Grace, I am positive you will look phenomenal with your hair cut short. Take the plunge and let me know how it turns out.
      Checking out blog now...