Sunday, October 21, 2012

COCKTAIL HOUR---Just in time for Sunday Brunch

Some might say a woman’s best friend is her very own Louise (i.e. Louise in Thelma and Louise). Others, in an attempt to be cheeky, will spew out mundane best friend equivalents such as shoes, chocolate, ice cream, cats, Ryan Gosling (see “Hey Girl” series), or Italian men when asked this pertinent question. But for those who have really lived or aspire to REALLY live, it’s firsthand knowledge that a woman’s true best friend can only be one thing— an Alcoholic drink.  Let’s break this down, shall we? 

When you cannot get the girls together for a night out, who stands in and with you when you decide to let loose and practice the dance moves from the movie Coyote Ugly—in public?!

Who is there for you after a frustrating day’s work when even picturing a tornado wiping out your entire office building does not bring a smile to your face?

Who is there for you with a bucket full of confidence, albeit misplaced, when you have eaten too much and cannot possibly suck in your stomach to a publicly accepted level?  

When you just need someone to talk to, who does this better than alcohol? It’s certainly more attentive than your cat and gives you less talk back than your very own Louise. And if that isn't enough, you get the added benefit of a woozy understanding feeling in the pit of your stomach during the entire conversation.   

And lastly, who is there to console you or congratulate you during whatever crises or celebratory event the universe decides to bring your way?  Champagne does not cork on its own ladies.

So here at Ava Drake’s, instead of bombarding you with pictures of food and weekly recipes like I have seen other bloggers do (just go buy the damn cupcake!), I decided to feature a blog series to pay homage to a woman’s best friend.  A series I will like to call, drum roll please…. COCKTAIL HOUR!

Women of the world (well... maybe just of the blogosphere), lets dial down on the mini-quiches and double down (my favorite over used word from this election’s presidential nominees) on drink recipes and picking out good wines.

Let's begin this series with a french wine I picked out for the weekend:

This a 2002 Bordeaux wine. I will spare you all the frou frou wine descriptions, wine connoiseurs like to give and instead say this:
--If you are into sweet wines this wine is not for you
--It's a heavy wine but it does not have the alcohol taste that some heavy wines have.  In other words, you don't need to drink this with chocolate to help it go down. Remember to let your wine breath when you first open it; this helps with the alcohol after taste that some heavier wines might have. However, if it is a $9 bottle of wine (i.e. you buy cheap), you will just have to live with that hotness, almost metallic taste going down your esophagus...
--This wine did not have a bad after taste
--Overall verdict: this wine, like most Bordeaux, are for people that prefer dry wines. Its full bodied taste is definitely an acquired one.



  1. I love your blog. Thank you for posting this. You just reminded me that I have a bottle of wine I've been neglecting. After a long night of studying and an even longer day of lectures I need to spend time with my "best friend".

    1. LOL! So glad I could be of help. Spending time with my bestie right now...