Saturday, October 27, 2012


No, not Halloween and definitely not Beyonce's new single--I don't really like it (it looks like Solange will be the only Knowles representing our city this time around--check out her new video, LOVE IT!).  Anyway, I digress.
The IT that happened is... wait for it...  Fall.  The almighty heaven finally decided to throw down a bucket of ice (maybe just an ice tray) on our good 'ol state of Texas.  

And for the occasion-- I wore a Zara dress as a vest and a Zara leather jacket as an under shirt.

Giuseppe Zanotti boots, socks borrowed from hubby-- I refuse to purchase my own socks, and of course, bare legs.  After all, this is Texas and we do not respect the cold enough to actually wear tights.   This is the same kind of thinking that cowboys around here have when they continue to wear wranglers in a 100 degree weather. Or the thinking that college students around these parts have when they refuse to let go of their flip flops and khaki shorts even in December.  No respect for the weather!

Tiger brooch

If you could not already tell, it was an extremely windy day.  I definitely did not need to use my hired fan blower for these pics:)
Hope you have a nice week and happy Halloween. If I do end up celebrating, I shall be parading around town as a lumber jack; mustache, mullet, et al.  And my motto for the night will be a phrase from one of Geico's "award winning?" commercials, "Hey Woodchuck, quit chucking my wood"

Until next time...


  1. I really love this look. Great dress.

  2. I like how you embellished it. Looked plane on the rack.

  3. Love this look and the execution. I borrow my beau's socks too :lol: