Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Dress for the life you want, not the life you have"

After every shopping trip, I start to feel guilty about my purchases-even if I just bought one item.  Usually coinciding and throwing me deeper in this feeling of buyer's remorse is any segment out of CNN's Black in America series.  If you are familiar with the series, you will know that the journey down to the cave of self and financial doubt,  is an expedient one laced with Soledad's seemingly factual and  condemning voice.

Thanks to the series, I now believe that due to my minor "on sale" purchases, I will no longer have a retirement income, my unborn children's chance of receiving a stellar education and possibly having a trust fund like all other kids of a different race is out the window, and lastly, as an educated black woman, I will never be married-even though outside of the "Fear in America" segments, I am.

Usually, to escape my race's prophesied fate, I diligently study return policies and meditate on the teachings of Silas Marner (i.e Repeatedly saying to myself: I shall keep every penny I earn and not waste on frivolous wants from now on...). However, during my most recent studying and meditating session, a light permeated my trance and a voice, in the form of a Life time movie character, crooned, "dress for the life you want and not the life you have".

Well, as you can imagine, I crawled out as fast as I could with my battle wounds patched up by my new passport for grandeur-I purchased the following brilliance in that moment :)

CL's sparkly. This shoe deserves its own halo-I have an application out to Archangel Michael...

I paired it with one of my own designs for my Mum's 60th bday.

Close up of the material used in making the dress.  Material is referred to as African Lace
PS: I hate my bangs, ready for a change:(

Pictures: Courtesy of NLG Studios

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  1. could you please work on creating a piece for when i graduate. i want to go NATIVE (in an african accent)