Thursday, December 23, 2010

Observation of the week: Return of the Decolletage

About every four to five years, the world of fashion, pioneered by a "visionary" scion (in this case Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton), gets together and decides that the curves of a real woman is once again fashionable. Of course, what they usually consider a real woman, D-cup boobs, 24 inch waist, 32 inch hips on a 5'11" frame makes us all wonder what species we actually belong to- I guess the 1/2  Homo sapiens, 1/4 pecan pie and 1/4 bluebell vanilla ice- cream species is just as good as any for us real women to be a part of.

However, since I am somewhat flat chested, I have learned not to fall prey to the hoopla surrounding the different versions of Giselle that pops out during these epiphanies and have remained partial to the heroine sheik look ala Kate Moss or whatever shape Naomi Campbell falls under.

Unfortunately for moi, I have been unable to break free from the congo line this time around and have quickly become obsessed with this season's token "real" woman, Lara Stone.  Her pictorials for January's issue of Vogue were simply amazing and affirmed what men, LA housewives, and Hugh Hefner have known for decades; big boobs are great. Even though I am not blessed in that department, I salute all the big breasted women out there and hope in another four years, the return of the decolletage will be placed on a frame a little thicker than a 24 inch waist, thereby getting us closer to a world where carbs are allowed and photoshop is banished.
Until then, enjoy some of this season's "boobified" women as seen below

Lara Stone, January Issue of Vogue

Lara Stone with Husband, I am guessing he is a boob man!??  Love the dress

She is slowly growing on me...

She has already grown on me-My sis

PS: I predict 2011 will be the return of the derriere, not that it ever left thanks to the Kim K's and J Lo's of the entertainment world.  As for us straight figured women, I guess we had our time in the 90s.


  1. as a woman living in the south, i dont think the derrière and decolletage ever fell out of favor, but reading high fashion magazine tells a different story. WAY to light the fire of this revolution that is impending.... wow i just made this lighthearted article serious. tehehe.

    o and ill always make time to pose for your blog if you make me look this good :)

  2. And as a relatively flat chested woman with a HUGE derriere living in the north east, the ass never fell out of vogue dear...NEVER...Kim K or no Kim K.

    As a young girl, I always wanted big boobs to go along with the oversized bum, but as I got older, I realized that big boobs plus a big bum = looking overweight eternally, so I've reconcilled my issues.

    I salute all big bum girls around the world!

  3. As we all know, fashion is just recycling ideas and repackaging them to make it seem new. In the case of women shapes, I feel the fashion world picks different shapes every couple of years and pretends it is groundbreaking so they can have something to talk about; whereas, the rest of the world already agrees that a woman with curves is the cat's meow. So viva J and C:)