Sunday, August 12, 2012


There will be days when your closet is just not enough! 
(Reason #144 to keep a significant other)
 Husband's button down shirt-- Brooks Brothers

Fendi sunglasses; should probably give these a rest at some point since my make up is starting to paint the white frames brown. This brings me to my next point, is there a make up company that makes color stay powder that actually works? I am not sure why Maybeline is using up research money for their color stay lipstick when color stay powder is not yet the norm in the beauty market. A definite egg before the chicken scenario if you ask me.  I know boyfriends and husbands of anyone with a little color pigmentation in their skin will be very grateful if color stay powder became the norm.  Think of all the dry cleaning bills one can avoid?? Just saying...
Salvatore Ferragamo sandals; Zara maxi skirt
Missoni belt; turtle ring stolen from sister
Anyway, this outfit reminded me of a modern day Pilgrim-- due to global warming, one cannot possibly button up their shirt all the way like they did in the 18th century. This is something I am sure the good Lord understands and is on board with.
Until next time


  1. love that big hair and the skirt is really nice

  2. Thanks Jarette! U were definitely one of my inspirations for the hair.