Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gilded Sunday: Olympic tales

Going for the medals.  Mama, I won with gold:)

 Random pics from my brother's wedding this weekend.  More to come if and when I gain permission from the bride.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Carla, I LOVE your hair this way. Post away, darling; permission granted. xoxo

  2. Love the hair. Deets please!

  3. This is a pleasant departure from the long kinky yaki! Don't get me wrong, the first time I saw your long thick hair I couldn't help but gasp with excitement. I was one of the many on fashionbombdaily that thought it was your real hair...maybe it's a testament to the quality of the yaki or your thick ghanian hair that has the potential to make any weave look better. Anyway, your hair looks amazing. Please give the deets on that dress!!! Sorry for all the exclamation marks but it's heavenly. I too wear big curly hair and this dress is just what I need to channel the ethereal disco queen Donna Summer.

    1. The dress is Tadashi in a gold lame fabric, and please... I love the exclamation marks:)

  4. dress is beautiful you look stunning :)