Monday, September 6, 2010

Dark Skinned Girls

For the past couple of months-oh, who am I kidding- for the past year, I have been plagued with acne and blemishes that reminds me of a tortoise shell.  I have tried numerous products to cleanse my face, which I will discuss in another segment.  In the mean time, I changed my make up from Bobby Brown (left my face red after my natural oils came into play) to Bare Minerals from Bare Escentuals.  Here are the results:

Before make up, face freshly washed. 

Here I am again...

Check out my polka dot epidermis; I miss my early twenties when I never put make up on. 

The Doc 

10 minutes later, the after!!! Thoughts?

More "Afters".  Yes, I am getting too full of myself now...

Working on different products for fly-aways.  At the moment, I recommend Kemet Gold: 20 karat  shinning gel.  Me likey!!!!
PS: I have also tried Iman.  Love the bronzer, but I do feel like it leaves my skin unhealthy so I cannot use it daily.  Clinique and Fashion Fair makes my skin ashy.
In conclusion, what I have learned is that due to the gold undertones in my skin only certain brands work  (Mac, Bare Escentuals, and Iman).  I will suggest Bobby Brown if you have red undertones, it never irritated my skin or gave me pimples just left me looking like Bozo the Clown:(


  1. huge fan of iman bronzer. i dont even need a concealer. it lasts for a long time. i miss MY face in high school even though i was pudgy. i dont even recognize the skin texture on my face... sob

  2. It's like magic! I'm convinced now - thanks for sharing AVA!

  3. oh, and I swear by the Kemet Gold product as well. I'll buy more online soon. love it!