Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The September Issue!

It arrived! Weighing as much as the five pound weights I have yet to incorporate in my workout sessions, the sight of Vogue's September issue in my mail box made my stomach skip.  To be fair, all Vogue issues have the same effect on me due to my humdrum life in the corporate world.  Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed in Halle's cover picture-there should have been a march on Times Square, reminiscent of MLK's march on Washington when this issue hit the stands; but alas, only I am expressing outrage- see reasons below.  Fortunately, I  quickly got over it as I perused the shiny pages of a well composed magazine.   Here are my thoughts: 

I always thought it was impossible for Halle to look ordinarily human.  She usually embodies the look that screams "gorgeous cyborg from Planet Hot People".  Lo and behold, Vogue aka self confident diffuser, accomplished this impossible feat.  Paging Wendy Williams-please send over your used wig collection to the  Conde Nast building in order to avoid this travesty happening again.   

I did put on my artistic glasses and tried really hard to see these pics in a different light.  All I could come up with was that Halle looked better playing a crackhead in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever than she does in this pic.   This is why the fashion world needs a larger multicultural array of staffs  and models.  They need people that can communicate to them that a look like that on a black woman is not coquettish but outdated; ala, a female 90s R&B group.  To think the poor woman came out of  self imposed silence for this cover...

La bella donna! I love the D&G ads with Madonna .  It evokes sensuality, womanhood,  and all things fab.  I wanted cleavage, family, and a way younger man just by looking at these pics.

I am a slave to Chanel; however, I have to point out that they could use help in their ad department.   Nothing on this model made me want to go into bankruptcy.   In fact, I was rather curious about the flat in the ad.

Ridiculous fashion item of the season goes to the fur vest.  I just cannot get on that bandwagon.

Best high street fashion item goes to this necklace from Express.  Yes, I said Express.

I do not know if any of you have "must follow practices" before opening up your favorite fashion magazine, unfortunately, I do.  Before any of my Vogue sessions, I always make sure I am somewhat hungry and not overly emotional.  Reading a fashion magazine after one has stuffed their face is never a good idea.  My self confidence cannot handle it.  So, seeing this Mulberry ad with the models pretending to eat was not only annoying but very distracting.  I am currently researching recipes for red velvet cakes.

I just loved this wedding dress by Oscar De La Renta for Huma Abedin, Hilary Clinton's  aide- de-camp.

Earlier in the summer, I purchased a pair of shorts on Sak's website just because the material had an outburst of florals that screamed spring eternal.  Fast forward a week later, and there, in the September issue, was a spot light on its designer, Erdem.  I was contemplating returning the shorts (it does nothing for my shape as seen in my latest post) but kept them after seeing the article-I felt I was in good company-umm FLOTUS is wearing it.  I know seeing the designer in a magazine is a stupid reason to hold on to the shorts... I am working on fixing this flaw in my disposition. 

I have a friend that gets annoyed when she sees something she owns in a magazine or on others.    I have the opposite reaction-I get excited for some reason.  As mentioned previously, I plan to see someone about this.  I purchased my Phillip Lim dress about a year and a half ago in a consignment store in NYC-SOHO district.  I still love.

Me in my Phillip Lim.  It is so beautiful in person and the bead work is to die for.

Due to the amount of bling already on the dress, I make myself follow Coco Chanel's credo of always taking something off before leaving the house.  I minimized the amount of jewelry I usually pile on by just pairing the dress with gold earrings from a flea market.   Jewelry from estate sales and flea markets are always the best.  It is affordable and the gold/silver platings usually do not rust-after all, they have already stood the test of time.

Vintage Chanel ring

Ahh, beauty.  Some people do clean up nice.  I would love to see a spread with Marc Jacob and Tom Ford. ..

Vogue's Design for Living section had this pic of a fabulous person's ridiculously expensive home.  I noted that the blanket on the couch greatly resembled my reasonably priced one from Z Gallerie.  See below

My Parting words are from an article written by Sally Singer, pg 486, "Before I actually break down and buy something, I analyze it with an intensity others reserve for decisions about career paths and potential spouses."

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