Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ode to Summer

As we wave good bye to summer and the onslaught of catchy, vapid tunes that summers always provide (California Girls, anyone?), I just thought I should show some of my favorite and hopefully lasting summer wears. 

I was in an "All American" fashion mood this  summer so I lived in basics such as Levi cut offs and anything from American Apparel.  True to point, shirt is from American Apparel.  Shoes are by Balenciaga.   

Pardon my surroundings, just wanted you to see what the outfit looked like on a human:)

My "big pimping" or for that matter any rap video that comes out in the summer attire.  If you have not caught on,  this is my yacht outfit-if I ever get on one that is.  Shirt from H&M, shorts from Zara.

Vintage finds: Jumpsuit and gold snake belt.  Hat from Nordies 

I dressed up for below shoot to show the use of accessories, I hope you enjoy.

My top is an American Apparel body suit and the shorts, which embodies Prozac cheeriness, is by Erdem. 

I paired the outfit with tear drop pearl earrings, a gold strand necklace, and bangles.   I wanted to keep it light; but, alas, I am a whore for anything gaudy-I added the necklace and bangles.

Necklace is from ALDO and middle finger ring is vintage Chanel I got from an estate sale in Seattle.

Prada wedges.  I have always been of the belief that women should wear skinny sexy heels  and try not to buy into the clunky heel trend.  A woman's ankles are suppose to be dainty and not used as an anchor for one's footwear.  Now with that said, there are instances where chunky heels can be excused.    I purchased these because I had to go to a BBQ and  did not want to plow my friend's grass with my stilettos.  I enjoyed them and now have a modicum amount of respect for wedges.  

More views of the Prada Wedges.  I really love them and have replaced my flip flops with them-if you were not already aware, flip flops is not a viable option for any event that drinks, food, and titillating company is provided .  It is disrespectful to the host-one of my "isms" :) 

One of my own designs.  I prefer dresses in the summer to anything in the jean family.  Performing squats after every wash and secretly unbuttoning your jeans after a good meal is an "all American" notion I can do without in the summers.   

Close up of the material used in making this dress.  Bangle is from Mishu Boutique in Seattle.

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