Saturday, September 4, 2010


My vacations have always been packaged in the form of a shopping Marathon.  As a result; New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Spain and the occasional Northwest Cities (thrift and antique shopping) have been my escape from the wide open spaces of Texas.  Fortunately for me, my lover has no bend in his step and only wants to vacation where sex and nakedness (my nakedness only?!??!?!!?) is always on the menu.  This and my growing love of alcohol due to my day job began my love affair with beach vacations.  Here are some pics from Turks and Caicos, please enjoy.

Peaceful sun down; backyard view anyone?
Oscar de La Renta cover up or night gown-but who is policing?

This cover up is actually a top I purchased from a store in SOHO about 5 years ago.  I love how in sync the shell neckline is with the surroundings.

Close up of top

Victoria's Secret swimwear and my constant companion-frozen with sugar and lime.  No salt on vaca!

Men's hat from Nordies (due to my head size and the three bags of hair I pack on it, nothing but a Man's hat will work).  Also, I have on a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses given to me by my sweets.

I just thought I should mention that there are loads of umbrellas one can sit under to avoid the sun.  Those things were on me like white on rice.

On our flight back; I decided to go preppy the only way I knew how-a white button down James Perse shirt,  blue khaki shorts, and a Roberto Cavalli duffel from his resort collection.

For dinner with Lovaaaa, otherwise known as my hubby, I wore a Zara white jacket, vintage silk top, white linen pants from H&M and gold chains I picked up somewhere insignificant.  I completed the outfit with a Chanel classic bag not seen fully in pic unfortunately.  Full pic to come with another outfit I am sure.

No, that is not a body double.  I did get in the water but could not get myself to get my hair wet.  This was my first beach vaca so one step at a time.  However, I promised myself the next time I take another one, I am going scuba diving so I can see pretty fishes.

Bon Voyage from the Regent Palms. Service and place was great.  Five stars. 

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