Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Opinion of the day or week; depends on how lazy I get

A friend sent me the following link with her sentiments, and I quote, " WTF BITCH!!! read the interview snippet...she is so full of herself..."

Of course, I had to read what Leann could possible say that will make someone think she was full of herself; Lord knows she is not the shiniest gal on the block.  Before you write back with indignant remarks about how beautiful she is and start insulting my looks; may I say that Leann'e  block and world is not filled with "ordinary people" but instead with her caucasian, blonde celebrity counterparts.  She faces fiercer competition than you or I.

After skimming through the article, I concluded the article did not scream blatant self unawareness of one's looks. It was far worse.  After cheating on her husband and breaking up another marriage with kids involved, all she learned from that experience was boiled down to this quote,
"...I truly believe there are lessons in it for me to learn. Cultivating strength from rough situations is the most important thing. After going through this, I know I can face anything."

How the hell was this rough for her and how did she cultivate strength?  She also mentioned being so depressed she could not get out of bed.  Was this before or after there were photos of her leaving Cibrian's hotel room?  I wish we were in the era of the scarlet letter, so statements like these could have held some merit.  

I am not one to judge and cannot be bothered to cast a stone when it comes to 99.99% of moral debates.  Also, having done my share of DSB (dishonest sexy behavior) certainly requires I hide under a rock instead of yapping about this.  However, I feel I must state this in support of the wounded parties and also to alleviate a modicum amount of my past guilt-when it comes to cheating just shut up about it.  If you are selfish enough and you must speak, recognize what you did and do not make it about you and your pain.  I can assure you whatever pain you are feeling is not near as much as that of the hurt party. 

Also in Leann's case, she is still with her partner in crime and owe it to all involved parties to take a page from Angelina's book and not discuss it.  The appropriate and "grown up" thing to have done here was not to justify her transgressions but to take fulll responsibility for her actions and risk not being "America's Sweet heart".   

For her sake, I hope she meant I am cultivating strength for whenever my new hot man leaves me for a better looking person with more money and a better Public Relations team.  

On a less bitchy note, she looks fab!

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