Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's cotton season

and my "picking" skills are heavily needed at the corporate plantation. The mule in me giddies up at this fact and gives me a pat for staying relevant in these modern times; the princess in me wonders why I even own an alarm clock.  In any case, I apologize for not having the time to update as frequently as I should.  Hope you enjoy

Stella McCartney silk wrap-around pants and Zara shirt

Please excuse my pose, I just needed something to rest my "no ass at all" self on:)
Manolo slides

Red lipstick-my favorite thing most hated by my husband.  We have yet to reach a compromise.

"Carlaism" of the day (not that you asked for it):
In a woman's late twenties, silk should replace cotton as the "fabric of our lives".  We are told our twenties are the times where we find and accept ourselves.  What better way is there to enjoy the feeling of being comfortable in one's skin than parading around in silk?
Your thirties, however, should be the age of Chiffon due to the material's ethereal decadence.  I have a feeling one needs a lot more decadence in their thirties...

Pictures are courtesy of DMJ Productions

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  1. Love the ensemble!!!!!! Does it ever get cold at your location? It is freezing in London.