Monday, January 10, 2011

Tweed with elbow patches: My salute to England's invasion of prime time television

I assume they come in peace--but when the commercial for Benefiber uses an English person as their narrator, one must wonder if we are gearing up for part two of the American Revolution.  This time, with a drastically different result...
Jacket from Zara, Burberry riding rain boots

Dress and belt from H&M

I do love these boots, rain or shine:)

I wonder when the "Americans for entertainment" union will start picketing against all the English accents that are currently populating this country's air waves?  Just in case the "A4E" is too busy to tackle this invasion due to the impending award season, I shall make myself of service and send a notice to members of the Tea Party and the Birthers.  They cannot possibly be pleased that an English man is replacing Larry King...

Pictures are courtesy of DMJ Productions


  1. English Invasion indeed! I love how Ricky Gervais put everyone in their place during the Globes... I wonder if an American could have gotten away with something like that.

  2. ...not to mention Piers Morgan trying to replace Larry King on CNN. My jury is still out on PM - I don't think he's bringing anything new to that media forum that we haven't already seen...

  3. You are right Duo, I caught his interview with Oprah-it was good but he did not make Oprah cry like Ms. Walters did. The English will of course sweep the Oscars...

  4. I'm so agitated by America's latest love affair with British! Take today for instance (1.25.11) - the Academy Award nominations were announced and the King's Speech received 12 (yes 12) nominations! That was the most nods for any ONE piece of work. Both the lead and supporting actor in the movie received nominations - in addition to the supporting actress! Now I saw the movie and thought it was a great individual performance by Colin Firth, who portrays an entitled yet struggling, stammering Duke turned King...but I don't think it deserved a "best picture" nomination. On the other hand, my favorite pic of the season is "Blue Valentine", which stars a good ol' red blooded American by the name of Ryan Gosling, whom I believe gave one of his best performances to date - and he was not even acknowledged! He was totally snubbed! As a matter of fact, 6 hours after this morning's announcements, I'm still stunned! Gosling portrayed a deeply loving, talented alcoholic man with a painfully detached wife (played by Michelle Williams) and a loving yet demanding young "daughter"(see the movie and you'll understand why daughter is in quotes). His portrayal was so cunning, so raw, so intoxicating - that it left you wanting/yearning for so much more as the credits rolled. Michelle Williams, with her solid performance, did NOT deserve a nomination for best actress - but I could care less about that. The fact that neither Gosling nor Mark Wahlberg (lead actor in The Fighter - also a must see) received a nomination for the Oscars lead me think...what kind of nutcases make up the members of the Academy? But I digress...

    A disgruntled movie goer/amateur film critic