Saturday, January 1, 2011


For new years day, I met my family for lunch in the land of manicured lawns, gas guzzling SUVs (this is Texas after all),  and ridiculously clean driveways.
For the occasion, I wore high-waisted khakis and a leopard print shirt from Zara. 

I feel like this road is earth's version of streets of gold; seriously, why is there no dirt????

Vintage bag, Michael Kors platforms, and Ray Ban sunglasses. I wore my hubby's socks with the platforms for warmth and because I liked the look for some reason.

Judging by the clear skies, it seems the 'burbs did not only succeed in building an invisible fence to keep eccentrics out, it also succeeded in keeping the Houston smog out of its limits.  That is an accomplishment that certainly needs to be headlined in the HOA's newsletter.

Till next time...

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